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World Map English, 1495,00 euros
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World Political Map, 195,00 euros
World Physical Map, 195,00 euros
World Population Map, 145,00 euros
World Density Map, 145,00 euros
World Primary Sector Map, 145,00 euros
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World Electricity Map, 145,00 euros
World Trade Map, 145,00 euros
World Tourism Map, 145,00 euros
World Temperatures June Map, 145,00 euros
World Temperatures December Map, 145,00 euros
World Seismicity Map, 145,00 euros
World Illiteracy Map, 145,00 euros
World Languages Map, 145,00 euros
World Religions Map, 145,00 euros

The world is formed by 6 continents. The Continents of the World are Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The term continent is used to differentiate between the various large areas of the earth into which the land surface is divided. So, a continent is “a large, continuous area of land on Earth”.

All continents together constitute less than one-third of the earth’s surface, that means more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface are covered with water. Two-thirds of the continental land mass is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

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